Thursday, October 22, 2009

From Crisis to Crisis

Another disturbing discovery I made was that I was bouncing from one urgent crisis to the next. Every single week brought some major, unexpected disruption -- an event that surprised me and changed my life in ways I could not have expected. Every single week.

Since I never expected any of these events, I was completely unprepared for them. I had no plans, no extra provisions set aside, no readiness. I managed to get us through each crisis, and waited for things to calm down so that I could have time for me. The problem with this approach was that things never calmed down.

This is why I never had time for myself. This is why I burned out, several times. My health suffered. My family suffered. I was not able to build a life, because I was too busy repairing the one I was living. Finally, I faced the facts. My world was going to keep whirling like a load of laundry in the rinse and spin cycle. It was not going to stop. There was only so much that I could do, even on my best day, to keep the household running smoothly.

It wasn't that I gave up on organization, but I came to understand that, by itself, good time management was not able to lead us to a worthy life. Ironically, this small adjustment changed the trajectory of my path and eventually delivered me to the place I had envisioned.

My focus shifted from just being organized to living well. I began to look for ways to take care of my body and soul in the middle of a busy life. I knew I could not wait for life to slow down. I could not wait for better times. I had to find a way to nourish myself in the midst of life as it was.


  1. yes... that's pretty much what I'm figuring out here...

  2. Please elaborate on your solutions! You have described my past 8 years to a tee (and I read this on the day my youngest, who is pre-asthmatic, was diagnosed with swine flu--so the crisis cycle continues).

    I tend to think all my problems will be solved once things are organized...but while holding a sick 3-year-old all day today, there wasn't time to do laundry, never mind clean out the basement. Last week I was down with a very bad cold. The week before one of the kids had scabies (! Talk about lots of laundry....) Things are unlikely to calm down, so I need to learn to cope in the midst.

  3. Finding ways to be nurtured and nourished in the middle of life as it is...BEAUTIFUL Cassandra!

    So true that mere practical applications of organizational skills will not suffice when seeking INNER PEACE AND CONTENTMENT in life.

    However, I find that those skills become as blessings and added joys once we have centered ourselves in the ONE who IS PEACE. It's amazing how much time God gave me for myself (even with eight of ten kids still at home) once I SURRENDERED my time TO HIM...I think that's what led me to write my e-book...because I longed to share that the "secret" of organizing and the great "to do" not found in a planner...but in THE PLANNER!
    Thanks for a great post!

  4. Kelly and Judy,

    Thanks so much for sharing with us. Moms need to know that they are not alone in this struggle.


    My heart goes out to you. Thanks for your heartfelt comment. My answer to you is yes, I will be working on writing about the solutions.

  5. Living each day- not just existing or making it through. I love what you said about being like your laundry. Thanks.


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