Friday, October 23, 2009

Morn to Night

Does the road wind up-hill all the way?

Yes, to the very end.

Will the day's journey
take the whole long day?

From morn to night, my friend.

- Grantland Rice

After reading yesterday's post, Kathi wrote:

Please elaborate on your solutions! You have described my past 8 years to a tee (and I read this on the day my youngest, who is pre-asthmatic, was diagnosed with swine flu--so the crisis cycle continues).

I tend to think all my problems will be solved once things are organized...but while holding a sick 3-year-old all day today, there wasn't time to do laundry, never mind clean out the basement. Last week I was down with a very bad cold. The week before one of the kids had scabies (! Talk about lots of laundry....) Things are unlikely to calm down, so I need to learn to cope in the midst.

My heart goes out to Kathi. Please join me in saying a prayer for her and her son today.

Kathi's comment nailed it. There are many moms who are laboring under a heavy burden, who are fighting a hard battle.

My answer to Kathi is, "Yes. I will be writing about specific solutions that worked for me and for other moms I have helped." I've begun writing a book about this. This week's posts were excerpted from the original draft. The book is entitled: The Five-Minute Fix. It's all about how you can change your life right where you are, five minutes at a time.

Everybody has five minutes, right? Actually, it turns out that you have a lot of five minutes, scattered thoughout the crazy days, the smooth days, the best days, and the really hard days. If you know how to use them, you can craft a better life. My book will be designed to put the tools in your hands so that you can do this.

Next week, I hope to post more excerpts from the book and get your feedback on them. You can identify these posts by the titles, which will begin with Five Minute Fix: .

Today, I want ask each of you to post a comment for Kathi -- a prayer or encouragement for her and other moms like her who are going through challenging times. Then slip over to The Moonboat Cafe and read today's post: Stay By the River.


Please leave a comment for Kathi or to encourage other moms. Keep in mind that if you're having hard times, just sharing your experience and feelings about it can mean the world to someone else who feels alone. Your words here have an impact!


  1. Dear Kathi,
    I, too, have been in your place. Far more than you will ever know. I have held an allergic 5 year old just stung by bees, a fever-convulsed daughter...My mother once told me that I would look on those days as my most full-filling. Now I do, as a "white-capped chickadee" in my 60's. You will get thru these times. Grasp the hand of the one that loved you before you were born and has your name written on the palm of his hand. I am saying a prayer for you now! God bless.

  2. Praying for you today . . .
    God is there with you, helping you and protecting you, even if you can't sense His presence.

    "Christ, God's faithful Son, is in complete charge of God's house. And we Christians are God's house—He lives in us!—if we keep up our courage firm to the end, and our joy and our trust in the Lord."
    - Hebrews 3:6, TLB

  3. Wow--I am honored and humbled by this, Cassandra. Thanks to you and your readers for such thoughtfulness. I am completely taking your words to heart as we continue to ride this one out.

    I look forward to your book and your continued wise words on this blog.

  4. Dear Kathi,

    May the Lord strengthen your heart and rest your weary body and your soul deep within. May your child be comforted and made strong while resting in your arms. May the Spirit of God speak words of wisdom and show you each step upon the path you walk each day, and may His presence sustain you; and, especially when your awareness of it is thin may He quicken your senses to His nearness.

    Love in Christ.

  5. Kathi, you are not alone and it's not just here in bloggyland, it's universal in the world of Mothers. My self check is that I remind myself... there are others far worse off than you at this moment and this event is temporary. Waiting for life to calm down will find you having a A-ha moment when your 60! I try to live in the moment and I tell A LOT of people NO! If I am not at work, I am usually home with my family living in the moment with music on rather than tv. I learned early on that I had to stop committing myself to my old schedule. My new suing became.... It starts when I get there and ends when I leave.

    Take care my friend.

  6. I had originally wanted to tell you all I have been through the past year, but the truth is it doesn't matter. What does matter is that God saw me through all of it, and has a greater purpose in mind. He does for you (Kristi and all others going through similar) as well! He will see you through to your greater purpose, which may be seeing others saved, seeing others through a troubling time like yours, just growing in Him, whatever it is. I pray that today you are able to take joy from the day and leave the rest!
    God Bless :-)

  7. Wonderful comments and prayers here from your online community, Kathi.

    I am grateful to those of you who have shared. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that.

    Kathi, I have been praying for you this weekend, and I have been praying about my posts, that they would be genuinely helpful and encouraging as we go forward into the weeks ahead -- for you and for others here.


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