Friday, November 6, 2009

My Big Day

Here's the skinny on my big day yesterday:

1. I used all three pairs of shoes.

2. I needed three outfits.

3. My husband was amazing.

4. I do not feel very skinny right now.

First Things

In the morning, my husband took me into town. When we got to Main Street, he said, "We are going to settle the cake issue right now." And he walked me into a bakery where everything is made from scratch.

He lovingly insisted that I select a treat for the morning and cake for the evening. And I actually did it. I don't know if I ever will do this again, but I ate a delicious eclair over Costa Rican brew at the Black Bear Coffee Shop across the street. I also selected a vanilla cupcake with white swirly icing for each person who would be at the dinner table in the evening. The baker put them in a box.

At the Black Bear, my husband gave me a book on writing which he knew that I had wanted for weeks. I was tickled pink.

Next, we wandered over to Wild Birds Unlimited, a store about birds and birding which I had wanted to explore for the last three months. I enjoyed the bubbling fountains, bird songs, bird videos, birdhouses, feeders, birding equipment, bulletin board, and guidebooks. On the way home, we stopped by The Fresh Market and bought a dozen creamy roses.

Act II

My husband prepared and packed our lunch (!) while I arranged the roses in the vase, took some phone calls, and got myself ready for act two of our odyssey, which he said would be hiking. He had everything planned, even how he would carry the coffee. He remembered me saying how lovely and romantic it would be to have a picnic with hot coffee on top of Big Glassy, a mountain at Carl Sandburg's North Carolina home. The view from the granite face is splendid and there are sunny benches tucked in, away from the wind.

He put the lunch and the coffee into a back pack, drove us over to the Sandburg home, and hiked with me to the top with the pack and the coffee on his back. We had a special picnic on the summit. He had grilled red and yellow peppers and tofu which we put into sandwiches with mustard, hummus, lettuce and tomato. They tasted divine in the fresh air. The coffee was hot and strong. The air was clear. We could see everything in the valley below and the mountain range in the distance. The sky was a blue bowl turned upside down over us as we chatted about books, Sandburg, the view, and our life over the past year. I felt close and safe and sheltered under the late autumn sun that softened the chill of the November breeze. After our picnic, we walked down the mountain and around the base before heading to the car.


When we got home, I needed a nap! So I took one. When I awoke, I put on a black suit, black tights, black pumps, and pearls.

That evening, we went out to dinner with family. We enjoyed the cupcakes, too. My husband and son gave me another book, a new one, by my favorite author on writing.

In the midst of all this coming and going, two flower arrangements from friends arrived at the house over the afternoon, and I received a number of emails and notes from well-wishers.

The things we did were simple, but they fit me perfectly. In fact, several of them were things that only my husband knew I wanted. That was part of what was special.


Thank you to all of the friends who sent me birthday wishes. I enjoyed every single note and comment!


  1. Ahhhh such a lovely day making memories! So glad you had a great day and thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. How lovely!! Isn't it fab that your husband knew exactly what you needed/wanted! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Happy belated birthday, sorry I missed sending you these wishes yesterday. Your day sounds like something from a fairy tale, how lovely! :)

  4. What a beautiful birthday. Your descriptions are breathtaking.

    I'm taking special day is in two more months and my husbands is a few more months after that.


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