Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Invitation to Meaning

I have put up a devotional post just for moms at Light for My Lamp today. Two or three times a week, I hope to write for you there.

This is your opportunity. My devotional posts are all about you, about your growth as a person. Today, I'm inviting you to read what I've written and think about it. Grab a journal, a diary, or a empty notebook and write down your thoughts. If you do this a couple of times a week, you will have begun a journal just for you. And you will be paying attention to your own growth as a person.

So often, in raising a family, we get caught up in making things happen for everyone else, while our own needs are put on a shelf. Here is a moment, an invitation, to seek meaning and to be a person who lives a meaningful life, while raising a family.

The distinction is an important one.

How are you making time for yourself today, apart from your responsibilities?


  1. Time for myself? What's that?

  2. I remember those time out sessions I had for myself while trying to raise three children after a divorce and a non-supporting spouse.I remind my daughters to take time for themselves every time I speak to them on the phone and hear the tiredness in their voices...if nothing else ladies,find you're favorite candle,put it in your bathroom, store your favorite bath oil in the corner of your tub area...I love lavender and jasmine,run a nice hot bath...light the candle...cut off the lights...slide down under those bubbles...relax the day away no matter how late it is because it will prepare you for a wonderful night and greater tomorrow. Loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourselves...Enjoy your every moment...exhale:-)

  3. Sacredflower,

    You are absolutely right. As far-fetched as it seems at times, as difficult as it is to do, our minds and bodies need to be cared for so that we can do this very demanding, very challenging job.

    I am amazed at what I can do with ten minutes. And although it's not a lot, it can keep me until there is more time.


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