Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Or is it?

How are you doing?

When I was homeschooling my kids, I had a "down" period after the holidays. Somewhere between New Years and Valentine's Day, I was likely to ask myself if "teaching my own" was a big mistake.

Even when I knew my annual slump might be coming, I was caught up short. The negatives always seemed so real, so overwhelming, that I struggled to see past them and remember why I had started homeschooling in the first place.

I even taught seminars about burnout and warned other moms about the winter blues. They agreed with me: we are more vulnerable to discouragement at this time of year. Whether it's because we've spent ourselves into a depleted state during the holidays, or we've suffered with seasonal flu and viruses, or we've been teaching long enough to grow weary, it's common to hit the road in January with a sickening thud and a sinking heart.

It can seem like we aren't going to reach any of our goals for the year. Our students can be in a bad mood or suffering from post-holiday lethargy. The schedule can look overwhelmingly full. We can have trouble finding motivation and energy to tackle all the challenges. How can we possibly do it all? What were we thinking when we made our plans and commitments?

Rest assured. If I've just described your experience, you have plenty of company. It's normal, and understandable to feel this way.

While you can't eliminate the winter blues, some simple adjustments can do much to ease the suffering and propel you into happy productivity.

I plan to be here to cheer you on and give you tips for managing these weeks of deep winter, so that you can enjoy school and home together. So check in here every day during the week over your favorite steaming cup and chat with me.

So, how are you? What's happening in your home right now?


  1. Oh, thank you for a series specifically on winter blues and back to school!
    Over this last week I had pulled out a quote I posted January 4th of last year: "You can't change what you have or haven't already done over the past year. Just start where you are, ask the Lord to make you a joyful mother of children, pray for grace and wisdom (and strength and patience) and move forward." ~ Vicki Bentley of

    We have plans to start back to school slowly this week... and now one of the little ones awakened early a.m. with a stomach bug. We were well all throught the holidays though. For that I'm grateful.

  2. Wow, my looong vacation is over and I'm back to work and returned to the blog and this is a great reminder to start the new year even in our full time jobs away from home.

  3. Hi Cassandra! I've been out of town for a couple of weeks and have missed reading your posts! My Mom was hospitalized for a week and began treatment for an autoimmune disease. I talk a little about it on my blog. Anyway, the girls and I spent two weeks at my parent's house helping out. We just arrived back home Sunday and I'll be quite honest. Sunday and yesterday I felt quite worn out! Even today I'm still feeling tired. I have made a decision to hold off on starting this semester of school for a couple of weeks. I think we need time to get back into the swing of things. I did want to tell you that I made your recipe for Scottish Shortbread yesterday. It was a hit! My hubby loved it! He spread some lemon curd on his and enjoyed some with hot tea last night.
    Hope you have a great week!


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