Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why Cookies?

We've baked cookies every Christmas since we were married. My sons have not known a Christmas without them. We've had them on a tray, along with breads and other goodies, when guests visited. We've sent them in boxes to loved ones. We've enjoyed them in the evenings by the tree with a devotional reading. As one of my sons said years ago, we make cookies at Christmas because we're having a party.

It isn't surprising that my sons would request this simple tradition after a year of upheaval.

But still, it surprised me. I thought they had outgrown it. That was my mistake. We never outgrow our need for joy and comfort.

Today, our family will begin making our cookies. At Thanksgiving, each family member selected their top five favorites. I hope to bake a different type each day and create as many favorites as we can. My friends have been asking me for the recipes. That made me think that my Apple Pie friends would enjoy seeing these recipes, too. So I've decided to post our cookie recipes and cookie baking stories here on Apple Pie for the next two weeks.

If you don't like reading about cookies, know that this will only last through the holiday season. After New Year's Day, we'll move on to other topics. But right now,

It's a holly jolly Christmas -- the best time of the year!

Oh, by golly, have a holly, jolly Christmas this year!

Can't you just hear me singing? That was one of my favorite Christmas songs from my childhood.

Here's the link to the first set of cookies: No-Bake Oatmeal Cookies.

These taste a lot like fudge with peanut butter in it. They're very rich. I make them small, so that eating one is like eating a piece of candy. One of the things I like about these cookies is that if you don't have time to "bake" cookies, you can still make them. And they feel luxurious.

Do you have a favorite no-bake cookie?


  1. Excited to read about your cookies. I am just planning my cooking and goody lists today. :) Perfect timing.

  2. I only have one no-bake recipe besides Rice Krispie Treats and they're called No-Bake cookies. I have my Mom's recipe and it's very similar to the one you posted a link for. I really enjoy them and I feel like if I'm going to have a really sweet treat, at least these have some healthy things in them (oats, peanut butter). :)

  3. Yea! Oh my stars, I think these are the same one's I baked in Home Economics class in Jr High! I lurve these! I just had a memory of making these with my sister many years so... ha ha

    I lurve cookies too and they are definitely tradition with us too. Thank you so much for sharing yours with us!

    Have a great day!

  4. We call them Poop Cookies at our house and we LOVE them!! Our recipe is the same as yours.

  5. Well I'll be settled right in here and looking forward to everything you have to share about cookies and holiday baking. Yum!

    I don't have a no bake recipe, so thank you.

  6. I don't ever grow out of the things my mum makes or bakes!! If anything, I get more demanding over holidays when I want my favourites.

  7. I was in a quandry this afternoon because we're having guests for dinner and the oven was full with the meat and veggies--no room for a cookie tray. So I tried these on the stovetop with substitutions (sunflower seed butter and soy milk--my youngest has allergies) and they are delicious! Thanks for posting!

  8. I really enjoy them and I feel like if I'm going to have a really sweet treat, at least these have some healthy things in them

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