Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sugar Cookies

Sweets with sweets

war not,

joy delights in joy.

- William Shakespeare

Right now, I am setting up the kitchen for my biggest cookie project: rolled sugar cookies. It will take me all weekend, from start to finish.

We've made these cookies every year since we were married, from a recipe that has been handed down through my husband's family since the 1800's.

When one of my grown sons told me that we have to make them this year, spite of the fact that we are not living in our own house and in a temporary situation, I was surprised.

But I shouldn't have been.

It's all about joy. We are made for joy. We cannot live without it.

What are you doing for joy this Christmas?


  1. We're going to be making old-fashioned cut-out sugar cookies today too! Yep...the kind you decorate. I'm not the best at the decorating part. My husband is the one who does better with that. But my daughter and I will both enjoy taking our time to try our best at decorating!

  2. We are starting our week out joyfully on Monday making our roll out sugar cookies. Seven-year-old picked out a new Bob and Larry (Veggie Tales) cookie cutter just yesterday.

    Mmmmm. I can smell them now.

    Have a joyous time with your loved ones in the record blizzard!

  3. I made all my doughs yesterday, they are in the refrigerator getting cold. Today and tomorrow I will be doing the same thing along with about 5 other recipes... including your shortbread and no-bake chocolate oatmeal!

    Make a memory!


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