Friday, October 2, 2009

Just for Mom

Although the school year is just beginning, we know a secret after our first month, even if we are new to homeschooling: the start of the year can be very challenging and tiring. We are trying to work out a new schedule, to teach new courses, and to manage new ages in our children. We have new books and teaching materials that are unfamiliar to us.We ourselves have been "out of the habit" of a school schedule. All of this adds to the strain.

It's not unusual at this point to wonder if we can make it through the whole year!

Rest assured, your days will get easier. As you work through the first month, you are eliminating a lot of problems and things that don't work well. Soon (if not already) your family will be settling into a daily rhythm of learning together that is unique to your home.

But now, in the golden days of autumn, you should recharge your flagging spirits. You should go out into the beautiful, amber world and drink in the sunshine before winter and the holidays arrive.

I am not suggesting that you should take apart your learning schedule. Keep it in place. But you might consider how to recharge your battery with a break over the weekend, how to refresh your soul, how to find joy again.

Do something just for yourself. Go for a walk in a beautiful setting. Step out for coffee with a book or magazine. Stop by a shop for a pot of chrysanthemums. Take a bubble bath. Plan a little adventure. Go see a movie.

And here's a movie I can heartily recommend to you: Julie and Julia. Although I cannot comfortably read Julie Powell's book or blog -- I just can't connect with it emotionally -- the movie is a delight. You will laugh and cry and come away uplifted and refreshed.

If cost is an issue, you will need to be creative about planning your time, but frugality doesn't have to spoil the fun.

When money was tight, I secured the children with a relative or their dad. Then I would pack a picnic for myself (or for me and my husband) and put on a favorite outfit. Usually, I started my special day by visiting the library. I only looked at things I wanted to see. I did not look at anything for school or for the children! This was my break from it all. I perused the magazines; I looked over the movies; I checked out books on topics unrelated to school -- biographies, gardening, letter-writing, beauty treatments, etc. I checked out any materials that struck my fancy and included a movie. After the library, I went to a lovely park and had my picnic, complete with hot coffee or tea in my thermos, under the leaves of a brilliant oak or maple. Afterwards, I came home to a bubble bath and classical music, and then watched my movie with a dessert. There were times when this was just as restorative as a more expensive option.


So tell me, what refreshes you? What would you like to do?


  1. I have to say, reading also helps refresh me, but my all time fave refreshing activity is crocheting while listening to music. I love to listen to Worship music while I make something for someone. For some reason, it doesn't have the same effect when I am making something for myself, I hardly ever do for just that reason. The act of worshipping the Lord while making something to give to someone else is greatly refreshing! Thank you for this post, I may just have to do that this weekend - I need a little refreshing (or maybe a lot...) :)

  2. Great suggestions. At the end of a stressful day, I like to unwind in a bubble bath. The kids know not to disturb unless blood is involved ;) If the weather is good, I like to take a book to the park and read by the lake.

  3. Hi Cassandra, I just popped into your HTL page and thought Id pop over here to read a bit :)

    Hope your Weekend is going Fab :)

  4. I need to plan some time like that just for me. This post made me long for it. Thanks for sharing this on The Homeschool Lounge.

  5. Reading is my guilty pleasure, and it is something I have not been taking enough time to do lately. Thanks for the reminder. :)


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