Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sea Island Gift

First there was a note from a friend in my email box : I love that you are the way you are. I am sending you a gift. Watch for it in the mail.

Several days later the gift arrived. It was a box from Bath and Body Works -- shower gel, lotion, and fragrance diffuser. The scent for all of these is
Sea Island Cotton, a blend of light florals with hints of mint and sun-dried linen.

The gel made me feel fresh, as though I were truly washing away the cares of the day, and the lotion went on like silk against the skin. It made me realize that I had been going too long without stopping for small comforts and joys. Funny isn't it, the difference a small thing can make?

Even though I often write about joy, I had fallen into a grim approach to my responsibilities again.
Just get it done. You don't have to like it.

This had become a blanket application to everything. Before I knew it, my mind was filled with things that must be done and I could not think of anything I might enjoy. There was no space in me for it.

The truth is, there are many gifts in an ordinary life. It took an unexpected present from a friend to remind me. Noticing is the key -- pausing to take it in. For that is where the blessing lies.

I find that I have more energy and inspiration for the people I love when I take time for the simple gifts I am given every day -- the sun through the autumn leaves, the bird at my window, the hug from my son, the cup of coffee my husband just brought me, the book by my bed.

How about you? What gifts can you notice today?


  1. My Man brings me coffee every morning and I often have to remind myself not to take his act of love for granted. Great post! Today I will notice... making breakfast for my family as time spent together at the table... not just a Mom chore.

  2. I am all about simple gifts to myself--hot tea in my favorite flavor, my vanilla lotion and perfume, the comfy chair, wearing my fuzzy pink bathrobe, a cookie, a handful of Dots...I could go on forever, I suppose!


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