Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Free Bible Resources

Here are some great resources for moms trying to teach their kids at home about the Bible.

Google Maps and He Lives Ministries have developed -- a free Bible atlas that plots the geographical locations mentioned in the English Standard Version and the King James Version of the Bible.

Names of places in the text you select are color-coded to match pointers on the maps. When you click on the location pointer, a summary of the area, a brief history, and a description of where it appears in scripture all pop up. can help your kids visualize the places they read about, while teaching them basic geography and map-reading skills. This can be especially helpful for the history of the Old Testament and the travels of Paul in the New Testament. Another feature of the program your kids are sure to enjoy -- they can zoom in and out anywhere on the map.

You can find the new English Standard Version of the Bible at ESV.Bible. It's very easy to use. The search engine gives you several options for searching out a particular passage. You'll find the ESV surprisingly easy to read and incredibly accurate in translation from the original languages. If your Bible study entails marking the page, you can print one page for each child from ESV.Bible and let them mark the text for themselves.

Go to the links. Give them a whirl. It's free!


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  1. Your blog is such a peaceful, welcoming place to stop and visit. Thank you so much for offering to pray for your followers. My school year is off to a great start and I'm praying for God's strength and wisdom as I communicate and connect with my kids - both at home and in my classes.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Sounds like a wonderful resource! Might be just the boost we need right now :) I so look forward to your posts. I still frequently go back to your July post on Rest. It encourages me so. My knee is much better, I am slowly walking for fitness again.
    I would appreciate prayer, as the author of Everyday Homemaking says, that I would 'be a joyful mother of children, that the Lord would grant me strength, grace and wisdom.'
    What can I be praying for you?

  3. The bible map site is wonderful, thank you for posting about it. :)

  4. The Bible Map is Fantastic, Thank you for sharing the link. Oh found you over at HSL :)


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