Saturday, September 19, 2009

For My Friends

You are doing one of the most important jobs in the universe! I want to do my part to encourage you and support you here on Apple Pie. This is why I have been asking all of you to let me know more about you. I've been happy to hear from several of you this week about how you're doing and to see new faces in my "Followers" list. It helps me when I can put faces on my readers. I love visiting your blogs and seeing photos of your children and reading your stories. This blog is for you!

Every day, at least half the traffic here is new. Many Apple Pie friends stop in once or twice a week. So I am leaving my announcement here again for the weekend. Please leave a comment so that I can know who you are and pray for you. If you are a returning visitor, please consider becoming a "Follower" so that I can know you better and pray for you on a regular basis by name. Becoming a "Follower" is easy. Just click on the "Follower" button and fill in your name.
As we get to know each other, we can become a community.

Of course, if you don't want to do either of these, that's fine. I am glad you're here! You are always welcome.


In the comments this past week, Tricia at Hodgepodge Blogs asked me a question: What can I be praying for you? This stopped me in my tracks. I had not even considered it. The whacky thing about this is -- I have some big needs. I'd love to have you pray for me!

Here is a short list of ideas:

1. Pray for a great job and master's program in non-fiction writing for my husband. His position as editor at a mid-sized newspaper was eliminated in January. We have sold our house and are currently residing with family. While we're deeply grateful for their wonderful help and support, this is not a permanent solution. My husband just started teaching one online writing class for a community college. Could this develop into something more? We are seeking God's plan and timing as he pursues a career change to teaching college students.

2. Pray for me as a writer. I now write for three blogs. I am trying to meet three distinct needs:
I decided to put these into separate blogs and connect them with links, so they operate like a loose website. This lets readers choose their experience.

I hope to streamline my writing for the blogs, so that I leave ample time for other writing projects. I don't want to burn out. I want to grow. Pray that I flourish and that my readers are encouraged and strengthened by what I write.

3. Pray for my books. I have five outlines of book plans which I have discussed at length with an editor. I am eager to start on them, but I'm trying to decide if I should write an entire book or two, OR if I should craft proposals for all of the options. In terms of mission -- what I believe will help my readers -- my vision is pretty clear. I hope to write books that are genuinely helpful to you, the kinds of books I longed for when I was raising my children -- books that comfort, strengthen, and encourage. The current market and slow economy are a concern in publishing any books, but I don't want to let that decide everything I do. Pray that I will know what to write, that I will write it well, and that I will find time to write it.

4. Pray for my health. I've had health issues in the past which can trip me up and sap my energy. I love to walk, and this really makes a huge difference for me in every way. Last year, I injured my foot by inflaming the tissue in my arch. The technical term for it is plantar fascitis. I have been recovering slowly. Please pray for the complete restoration of my foot so that I can walk 4- 5 miles a day. Please pray also that I will be able to avoid migraine, asthma, and heart disease, as well as manage perimenopause. ( Like I said, I've had health issues!)

5. Pray for joy in the journey. This is hard for me, but oh so good. I know how to walk in joy. I just need to remember to do it, and not to be totally consumed by the challenges of my current situation. As God as been showing me, joy is my way through.


The best way you can encourage me is to leave comments. I am hundreds of miles away from my home. It feels many days like I have lost my community and my roots. It's so good to hear from my bloggy friends. Your love and care has been such a comfort, such a boost to my spirits, that words cannot begin to do it justice.

Thanks for being here!


  1. found your sweet blog through a friend, and have been blessed and encouraged. keep writing!

  2. Oh I love specifics to pray for! I will now go and print so I can tuck your requests in my quiet time spot. What far-reaching and wonderful requests. Thank you for being such a faithful encourager.

    I have one more prayer request if you don't mind. I am joining in the start up of a new blog with four other ladies. We will be launching soon to meet the needs of other homeschool moms who are hungry for bits of encouragement. Please pray for Kendra, Kerri, Kim and Tricia (me) at Habits for a Happy Home.

  3. I am guilty of not always commenting, but your words always encourage me, thank you!

    I will pray for you. :)

  4. Thank you, Shawntele! I do always feel that you are right with me.

    I don't want anyone to feel bad in any way for not commenting. Just know that you encourage me so much and send a blessing my way when you do!

  5. Theresa Oliva says "Your blog is an ispiration to read. I said a prayer for you and your Husbands writing jobs, that you can once again be self sufficent. This too shall pass. and you're not alone.

  6. I wanted you to know that the Lord is bringing you to mind often. When he does I pray for one of your requests. When I go on a walk, I pray for your foot and your health. When I blog or read yours I pray for your 3 blogs. Continuing to lift up your husband, you as a writer, your books and for joy. Just checking in on you...

    And thank you for your comment on the Habits blog.


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