Thursday, July 2, 2009

Traveling Desk

I have a traveling desk. I have packed my private world inside it. I can take it with me anywhere, and find myself in its compartments. Here is my journal, my Bible, the books I am reading, important papers, lists of things to do, favorite pens and pencils, stamps, address book, even a bit of stationery for writing notes. Larger and heavier equipment, such as a stapler, electric pencil sharpener, and computer, won't fit into it. But it's sufficient to keep me together, at least in my head. I can use it to have my Bible study and personal reading and writing, organize the household, keep in touch with other people, and manage the finances. It even holds maps for moments when I lose my bearings.

What is it? An attache case that I found at Staples a year ago. These carrying cases are sturdy and attractive, and sell at very reasonable prices. With their multiple inner compartments, they can hold a surprising amount. They are designed to be able to carry laptops, but that also makes them the ideal size for folders, books, and notebooks. I use the traveling desk whenever I am going to be out for any period of time. It tucks into the car without taking up much room. If you are on the go a lot with your kids, you can use it to stay organized, read, have Bible study, pay bills, balance the checkbook, make the grocery list, and write thank-you notes -- all while waiting in your car. I have even used mine over the last 6 months for a private escape to the bookstore and to have my quiet time in the guest bedroom of our Pennsylvania house, since it was the only quiet place I could find.

For a vibrant life, under pressure and high demands, it's important to have a rich, well-defined private world. You need a place to make that happen. But this can be very difficult to accomplish. That's where our problem often lies.

If you are having trouble staying organized, remembering things, or having a personal Bible study, it may be because you are on the move all day. When we don't have a single, traditional desk from which we work, and we wear many hats, it's hard to keep track of all the different aspects of our lives. While it is very helpful to have a quiet room in the house for reading, writing, and thinking, for many of us, that doesn't work as well as it might, for we find that we aren't spending much time there. If you are anything like me, your best ideas may come to you while you are not sitting still -- at the kitchen sink, in the grocery store, while chatting with a friend.

A traveling desk may be just the thing. If you get in the habit of keeping it with you, then it can go from the school room to the kitchen to the bedroom and out the door to the ball field or the library. You'll have to experiment a bit with it to make it your own. Some things which might be essential to me could be clutter for you. I tend to keep mine in a central place when I am at home, near the kitchen or the computer. Then I take it with me if I am going to be out for more than an hour or two. For now, it sits by my bed. How comforting it is to have it with me during this time of upheaval. As we move into the future, whatever it holds, the traveling desk will go with me like a faithful friend.

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  1. I like the idea of a writing desk and a private bag of my life. I have things in certain ways, too, which makes me happy. If I'm not somewhat organized (and with a few books), I get crabby.


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