Thursday, June 4, 2009

On My Bookshelf

I have just finished a delightful little book called How Starbucks Saved My Life, by Michael Gates Gill. It's a true story about his recent and not-so-recent life. He was born in an upper-class family in New York, went to Harvard, and enjoyed a job as an advertising executive in the city. In his fifties, he lost his job and went through some serious troubles. Down on his luck, he wandered into a Starbucks and ran into a manager who offered him a job. He took it, and found a new life.

His honesty is mesmerizing. I kept wondering as I read, can I be that honest ? He writes simply, but the elegance of authenticity makes his writing poignant and memorable. It's a great story.

Gill insists that his experiences are not a spiritual journey. I would argue otherwise. Here we can find humility, confession, contrition, repentance, love, fellowship, and purpose. He traces his steps from deception to truthfulness. He learns to love and honor others, and as he does that he also learns to follow his heart.

The book feels light, and it's not too long, just like the perfect summer novel -- but it's meaningful and rewarding. My guess is you'll be glad you listened to him tell his story.

I found it, I confess, at Borders on clearance for $2.99. What a deal.

Please note: I did not receive any compensation or free merchandise in exchange for my written review or my opinion about this book.

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