Monday, June 22, 2009

My Oatmeal Tastes Like Soap

My oatmeal tastes like soap, because the only pan I now have to make it in has been soaked in suds a little too long. My suitcase is sitting in my bathtub, because that's the only place it seems to fit. Every day now, I wear a shirt I can throw in the trash before I go to bed. My leg boasts a baseball sized bruise that makes me look like a weekend athlete. When I sit down, I put more ice on it. The state of my kitchen can be summed up in one image: my husband is putting his favorite soy-ginger salad dressing on cold, leftover noodles. I didn't even try to stop him. I just said, Looks good. He said, This dressing is a great one to have on hand in this situation. I nodded.

My hair hasn't seen a styling brush for a week. Not that it matters, we have had so much rain, it would have just curled up and flown in every direction anyway -- which is what it is happily doing now. I have been blending in a bit of styling cream, to tame it a tad, and then pulling it back from my face with a bandana. I figure that will keep a lid on things, so to speak. My fashion choices consist of considering which color bandana I will use -- lavender, red, pink, or blue? Then I put on a wee bit of make-up. I figure all that color helps me, because I am tired, and being tired makes me look old and pale. Probably the combination of my ministrations, in reality, makes me look pretty silly, but I haven't time to think about it too much.

My husband says I look beautiful. Husbands can be wonderful, and at just the right time, too.

We are almost done. Tomorrow morning we have an appointment to walk through the house with our potential buyer and then sign the papers that end it all for us. I think it will feel like a glad thing to just get into the car and drive. Then, later, after I have had some sleep and I can realize it all, I will laugh and thank God and weep from relief. There's no time for that now. Every moment that passes is a precious penny spent. Which reminds me about the collection I am taking up. Every coin we find in the house goes into a jar. After we sign the papers, I plan to roll the coins and have a party.

Until then, we will polish off the noodles and oatmeal.

A Special Note to My Readers: Thanks for your comments this week. I decided to leave the bird feeders here. This morning I am going outside to fill them with sunflower seeds.

My husband is taking down the computer today. I don't know exactly what will happen this week with my posts. I hope you will still stop by every day to see if I was able to write for you, and, if you don't see anything, say a prayer for us.


  1. Full feeders, that is so very cool.

  2. "I hope you will still stop by every day to see if I was able to write for you, and, if you don't see anything, say a prayer for us."

    We do and we will. :)


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